Natalino Dall’Ava began his career in 1955 at one of the first industrial ham factories owned by the Muraro family in Sossano, Italy. He quickly earned their trust and was sent to San Daniele del Friuli to oversee the construction and launch of one of the first industrial ham factories in the area. In 1982, he founded the DOK Dall’Ava ham factory in San Daniele, which is now considered one of the world’s leading ham factories. In 1988, he created the world’s first Prosciutteria, where ham became the centerpiece of meals, accompanied by homemade pasta, vegetables, and sweets.

In 2005, DOK Dall’Ava, like most family-run businesses in the Triveneto region, had to deal with the generational transition, which was completed when Carlo, Natalino’s son, took over the company. Carlo’s enthusiasm led to the construction of a new ham factory, which opened in 2007 and produces around 30,000 San Daniele PDO hams marked with the consortium’s number 10. The company focuses on quality rather than increasing production and plans to continue research in that area. In the future, the company aims to have its own free-range pig farm.

Natalino Dall’Ava 于 1955 年在意大利索萨诺的 Muraro 家族拥有的第一批工业火腿工厂之一开始了他的职业生涯。 他很快赢得了他们的信任,并被派往 San Daniele del Friuli 监督该地区第一家工业火腿工厂的建设和启动。 1982 年,他在圣丹尼尔创立了 DOK Dall’Ava 火腿工厂,该工厂现在被认为是世界领先的火腿工厂之一。 1988 年,他创建了世界上第一个 Prosciutteria,火腿成为主菜,佐以自制意大利面、蔬菜和糖果。

2005 年,与特里威内托地区的大多数家族企业一样,DOK Dall’Ava 不得不应对代际交接,这一交接在 Natalino 的儿子 Carlo 接管公司时完成。 Carlo 的热情促成了一家新火腿工厂的建设,该工厂于 2007 年开业,生产约 30,000 条标有联盟编号 10 的 San Daniele PDO 火腿。该公司专注于质量而不是增加产量,并计划继续在该领域进行研究。 未来,该公司的目标是拥有自己的散养养猪场。